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For those who seek the seamless integration of vision correction into their lifestyle, our contact lenses offer total comfort and convenience. Discover your perfect fit and enjoy the freedom they bring.

While our designer frames are a stunning choice, contact lenses offer practical advantages, especially for active individuals. Contact lenses shine in sports and physical activities, providing unmatched practicality. Unlike glasses, they don`t fog up in cold weather, get wet from rain, or easily slip off.

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Our Collection of Quality Lenses

We offer a premiere selection of contact lenses. Through a thorough fitting process, we guarantee you contacts that are comfortable to wear. Personalized care ensures your contacts won’t cause existing issues, like dry eye, to flare up. After assessing every aspect of your corrective needs, eye shape, and lifestyle, we’ll select the best option for you. 

The Eye Clinic carries a wide selection of reputable contact lens brands, including:

  • Alcon
  • CibaVision
  • CooperVision
  • Johnson & Johnson
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Custom Comfort

New to Contacts?

Discover the ease of using contacts for comfortable vision correction at The Eye Clinic. We`ll guide you through proper insertion and care, making the process simple.

Trust us to assist in selecting the perfect lenses tailored to your eyes and lifestyle. Embrace the convenience of contacts with our expert guidance.

Book your contact lens assessment to learn more about how they can improve your lifestyle.

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