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We recognize that great eyewear is only as great as the vision from the lenses within. At The Eye Clinic we pair your frames with the highest quality lenses, from companies that excel in lens design. Companies like Nikon have lead the industry in both technology and customer satisfaction from day one. Nikon’s name is synonymous with ”the world’s finest lenses” and has been providing people with their trusted optical products since 1917. The Eye Clinic has a great partnership with Nikon and as a result can provide you with the best lenses to meet your individual vision requirements.


For those times where an alternative to glasses are needed we offer a large array of contact lenses to help fit your lifestyle. There is really not one contact lens type that is best suited for every patient in every situation. At The Eye Clinic we can take the confusion out of which lenses are right for your lifestyle. We combine specific lens characteristics with your personal vision requirements to help achieve a comfortable contact lens fit. Contact lenses correct vision like glasses but require a higher level of care because you place them directly on your eye. At The Eye Clinic we will provide you with training and proper lens maintenance instructions.

We carry an extensive assortment of contact lenses from the following manufactures.